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Ulrike Kaltenbach

Contemporary Glass & Photographie

Glass comes alive with light ...

The special attraction for me to work with glass is its ability to let light flow through it. The eye plunges into the plastic inner life of the glass body. Thus the contour, the surface, the relationship between the interior and the exterior, the penetration of the layers and forms can gain their own language and quality.

With glass I have found a material which I can melt in a process to become abstract compositions in a multitude of layers. My roots in sculpture and painting can flow into my work. An essential technique is the time-consuming process of repeatedly breaking, melting and breaking glass. The smashing of the glass has something liberating. Demarcations are dissolved, attachments broken, vulnerability allowed. It is a process of dissolution and regeneration in the interior of the glass body. This process creates depth and incomprehensibility.

Photography is a supplementary medium that also lives (or “becomes vivid”) by light. With the camera I explore graphically and through abstractions and reduce motifs to fragile, permeable, non-tangible poetic images which in turn inspire my work with glass.

Ulrike Kaltenbach, freischaffende Künstlerin

Ulrike Kaltenbach
Freelance artist
Member of the BBK Südbaden

  • starting from 1994 Artistic work in painting, stone and wood
  • 2002-09 Studies Art and Sculpture Edith Maryon Freiburg-Munzingen Art School with diploma
  • from 2007 working with glass
  • since 2011 photography as a medium that corresponds to glass

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